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Balkan, where the East meets West

About us

Welcome to Balkan Polymers!

We are leaders of Southeast Europe in polymers distribution.

Same as Balkan, we connect our customers from the West with our suppliers from the East.

As one large company, we are big enough to cover and supply many countries in the Balkan, but at the same time to focus and connect with each customer individually.

Balkan Polymers has strategically well-positioned logistic network and warehouses in key market points in order to provide good service to customers. Our experienced team of traders are providing valuable and high quality services, by being committed to long-term partnership with customers and suppliers. We help our customers to be more successful through intelligent system solutions, financial benefits and superior quality products.

To achieve our goals, we provide:

  • Financial resources, which allow us to finance our customers, by selling goods under a deferred payment arrangement, in order to meet needs and demands of the market
  • Skilled and dedicated team, with extensive experience in trade and production
  • High quality goods, purchased from around the world, accompanied by all necessary certificates
  • Technical support to the final customer

We are committed to protect the environment, by trying to include Eco Friendly Polymers and recycled products in our supply program.


  • Company founded

    The company was founded at 02.06.2002. In year 2008 company made a strategic decision that the main activity is the distribution of the polymers.

  • Beginning of cooperation with Kazanorgsintez

    Established relationships with major Russian petrochemical producer from Kazan.

  • First major sale of polymers

    We have managed to move the first million EUR worth of polymers.

  • Beginning of cooperation with Sibur Holding

  • Beginning of cooperation with Poliom, Omsk

  • Company Balkan Polymers LTD Bulgaria founded

  • Starting selling polymers in Macedonia

  • Company Balkan Polymers Turkey founded

  • Starting selling polymers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Starting selling polymers in Romania

  • Starting selling polymers in Italy

  • Representative ofice Balkan Polymers Belgrad SUCURSALA ROMANIA was founded in Bucharest

  • Company Balkan Polymers Germany founded