Balkan Polymers Group has customer oriented and most developed logistics network in the region. Polymers are delivered both from our warehouse and directly from petrochemicals factories. The group has no limits on minimum or maximum quantity to be delivered to client warehouse.

We are experts in:

  • Fast and reliable deliveries
  • Flexibility in delivery time and product mix 
  • Custom made solutions for specific requirements

Supply Chain Management

The Group is committed to have best supply chain in the market. Balkan Polymers combines road, ship and railroad transportation for fastest delivery time and has capacity to quickly load and deliver large quantities of polymers.

Logistic network covers all important markets in South Eastern Europe.

The group has distribution centers in: Serbia (Belgrade, Niš, Subotica), Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna), Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj), Greece (Thessaloniki), Croatia (Rijeka), Italy (Ravenna, Genoa), Belgium (Antwerp) and in Germany (Hamburg).
First warehouse owned by Balkan Polymers will be opened in August in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Technical Support & Material Expertise

Our sales and supply team offer more than simple support:

  • Track customer applications and feedback, and swiftly adjust product portfolio according to demand.
  • Answer relevant product consultation in a timely manner during application process.
  • Provide customers with comprehensive technical solutions for relevant industries according to customer demands on production process.
  • Provide customers with application and technological process.


The Group is financially stable and has significant financial resources available to both our suppliers and customers. Finances enable Balkan Polymers to buy and constantly increase the quantities we receive from our suppliers, and at the same time to credit our customers.

We provide customized financial solutions to all our supplier and customers to support their business:

  • Range of terms of payment
  • Credit and currency risk
  • Customized prices and bonuses


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