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Reliable business partner

Balkan Polymers is the first or among the three largest distributors, depending on the country, in the market of Southeast Europe, which covers the consumption of almost 1,500,000 tons of polymers per year.

In every country where we are present, we strive for long-term cooperation with the largest plastic converters, so that we can secure the placement of large quantities of goods.

We cooperate with the largest European banks, which allows us to settle all our obligations on time.

Large European insurance companies have recognized our potential and granted us high limits for purchases and payments as well as the ability to finance our customers.

The sale of our products is insured, which reduces the risk of uncollected receivables.

Distribution centers

The company has a strategically well-positioned logistics network that enables storage of goods at key market points:

Serbia: Belgrade, Subotica, Nis

Bulgaria: Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse

Romania: Bucharest, Cluj

In addition to these warehouses, we also use warehouses in the following ports: Varna, Burgas (Bulgaria), Constanta (Romania), Rijeka (Croatia), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Antwerp (Belgium)..

New company Balkan Logistics

Balkan Polymers bases its development through the expansion of the logistics network, so we began in 2020 the construction of a warehouse in Plovdiv, which will be 100% owned by the group.

For better logistics service, a new company Balkan Logistics LTD has been established, which will provide warehousing, custom and transport services.

The area of the warehouse is about 8800 square meters and it will be ready for use in August of 2021.



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